Lubricant Additives
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Oil additives are used to improve the base oil (or oil "base stock") into a better performing lubricant. By utilizing the same base stock, many different oils can be manufactured, each with its own unique properties.
Our Additives business is the largest component supplier to the lubricants industry. Our products enable customers to comply with increasingly demanding government-mandated emissions and fuel-economy standards, protect braking systems from wear and tear, and extend the life of machinery operating at high temperatures or operating continuously.
We are a leader in polyol esters used for demanding synthetic lubricant applications, including aviation turbine oils and lubricants for environmentally friendly products
Product Applications:
  • Engine oil
  • Gear and Transmission fluids
  • Hydraulic and Agricultural oils
  • Industrial Oils
  • Process Oils
  • Fuels
  • Metalworking fluids
  • Greases
Fluids lubricants are used in automatic transmissions and power steering units. The distinctive red colour helps to identify this apart from other oils in maintenance practices.
Engine Oils:
Engine oils are a blend of base oils and performance additives designed to achieve American, European and Asian specifications and effectively lubricate internal combustion engines used in modern day commercial vehicles, marine and rail road engines and gas turbines.
Gear Oils:
Manual automotive gearboxes, cross axles to large industrial multi stage reduction gear boxes require a combination of base fluids and additive chemistries to keep these components and surfaces lasting a lifetime in this extremely demanding application.
Hydraulic Oil:
Compression fluids made up of base oil, viscosity modifiers and Ashless or Zinc based additive chemistry designed for use in automotive operations and stationary industrial units.
Marine Lubricants:
Marine lubricants are carefully formulated and tested on crosshead and trunk piston engines typically used to propel large ocean or land based industrial engines.
Metal Working Fluids:
Metal working fluids are water emulsion based or neat fluids required in machining or heat sensitive operations. Precise formulations combining additives and base fluids will maintain best in class performance.
Process Oils :
Premium Process Oils are derived from Chevron’s modern hydroprocessing technology, which removes undesirable compounds and converts them to desirable compounds. These oils are used in a wide range of applications viz. Agricultural Spray ,Household Products, Textiles, Petroleum Jelly ,Adhesives, Coatings, Rubber compounding and several others.


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