Our core business is the supply of lubricant additives, base oils , process oils and chemicals.
Oil additives are used to improve the base oil (or oil "base stock") into a better performing lubricant. By utilizing the same base stock, many different oils can be manufactured, each with its own unique properties.
Group I base oils are classified as less than 90 percent saturates, greater than 0.03 percent sulfur and with a viscosity-index range of 80 to 120. Group I base oils are solvent-refined, which is a simpler process.
UMONGO PETROLEUM deals with the listed specialties. COMPONENT ADDITIVES – detailing BASF range of anti-oxidant ,anti-wear, corrosion metal deactivators, base fluid
Transportation Lubricants:Provide measurable fuel savings, reduce CO2 emissions, maximize component life and reduced downtime for problem free operation over the life of a vehicle.
Meet The Team
UMONGO PETROLEUM (PTY) Ltd is a large distributor in Southern Africa, with our head office based in Durban. Our core business is the supply of lubricant additives, base oils , process oils and chemicals ,and the provision of technical solutions to the lubricant blenders in various regions, i.e. Supply of  all components, assist with formulations and provide full technical support.
UMONGO - What does it Mean?
UMONGO …A Xhosa word meaning "Bone marrow” certainly epitomizes what petroleum lubricants are all about .Similar to the "marrow” being regarded as the core element in a bone, so too are the Petroleum Additives supplied by Umongo, enhancing the features and characteristics of a finished Lubricant or Fuel
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